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“The Automatic Hate” Screencaptures

Last month “The Automatic Hate” was released to buy / rent on iTunes and Amazon. The Justin Lerner’s seriocomedy it still making its run on film festivals around the America – the last stop was on Boston festival, but now you can own it as well.

When Davis Green’s alluring young cousin Alexis appears on his doorstep one night, he discovers that his father has kept a side of his family secret for thirty years. Against his father’s wishes, Davis travels to rural, Upstate New York to meet his other cousins. Quickly developing a strong connection with them, he sets out with Alexis to reunite their broken family. But in getting to know each other, Davis and Alexis realize they are perhaps more like their own fathers than they thought. As the pair uncovers the incident that tore their family apart, the two cousins must resist the temptation to keep their fathers’ deep-rooted grudge going, rather than end it.

HD screencaptures of Deborah’s scenes are now added at the gallery.

The Automatic Hate Trailer

Deborah’s most “recent” film (it was shot back in 2013), The Automatic Hate, is currently in a round in several film festivals. The most recent ones was Mar del Plata, in Argentina and Tallinn Black Nights, in Estonia.

The trailer has been up for a while, for festivals promotion, but I just noticed it. You can watch it below.

Screencaptures of Deborah’s scenes are now added in our gallery, as well some promotional images.

“The Automatic Hate” To Premiere in Mill Valley Festival

The Automatic Hate, directed by Justin Lerner and starring Joseph Cross, Adelaide Clemens and Deborah Ann Woll will have its California premiere during Mill Valley Film Festival, which runs in October 8-18. You can already buy tickets on their website.

The film will also will have its New York premiere during 16th Woodstock Film Festival, that runs from Sept 30rd to Oct 4th, and you can also buy tickets on their website.

How would you react if you discovered everything you thought you knew about your family turned out not to be so? After an enigmatic visit to his dying grandfather and the surprise appearance of an alluring and whimsical young woman claiming to be his cousin, Davis Greene discovers a family he never knew existed. Gingerly, he allows himself to be seduced into uncovering the past. But as estranged cousins Davis and Alexis grow close to each other, they discover the dark secret that shattered the relationship of their fathers.
The second feature film from director Justin Lerner, The Automatic Hate is an intimate and gripping portrait of a family told with spectacular pacing and assured direction, offering plenty of surprise turns along the way. Starting out as a simple indie drama, where Davis and his girlfriend are struggling to understand their relationship, The Automatic Hate evolves into a heartbreaking romance that spans two generations of families broken apart.