Deborah Ann Woll for Nylon Magazine
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Deborah Ann Woll for Nylon Magazine

Deborah is featured on current Nylon magazine issue. So focused is actress Deborah Ann Woll on honing her craft that she’s been known to let all of her emotions sit very close to the surface. “Most people, when they...
‘Daredevil” LA Premiere
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‘Daredevil” LA Premiere

Last night Deborah and EJ attended the premiere of Marvel's Daredevil in Los Angeles - and they make sure to have a lot of fun at the red carpet, as usual. Deb was stunning in a long black dress...
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Photos: ‘True Blood’ S1 Promo Stills

While waiting for Daredevil promotion to start, I've decided to check back on our gallery and add things we're missing, and believe me, there's a few! Today I've updated some gorgeous episodic promotional for True Blood on its season...
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True Blood at San Diego Comic-Con

True Blood cast arrived yesterday in San Diego to do the last Comic-Con panel ever. While following the whole coverage yesterday it didn't help to have this weird feeling, being happy for the panel happening and sad for being...