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‘The Punisher’ Featured on SFX

The Punisher is featured on November issue of SFX magazine, and you can find now scans in our gallery:

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“She’s Not Scared of Him”

So you’ve got a different leading man. what aspects of Karen does Frank bring out that Matt didn’t?

Well, you know, Matt has this really stingy thing about not killing people, which Karen has already made a mess of in her life! I think there’s something about Frank where she doesn’t have to be ashamed of her darkest, deepest side of herself. She gets to be more honest with him, more open. One of my favourite things about the relationship with Karen and Frank is that she challenges him.

She’s not scared of him, the way everyone else is. is this show more violent than Daredevil?

I don’t know. We did some pretty violent stuff on Daredevil! It wouldn’t be the Punisher without some horrible mutilating of terrible, bad people. But I also think that we have a whole season this time to really focus just on his journey. Last year we were sharing it with the Elektra plot and he was in prison half of the time.

Do you get stopped and recognised more for True Blood or Daredevil?

More for True Blood but that’s probably because I was a redhead, and I think that stood out a little more. I barely ever get stopped for Karen. I remember I went to Comic-Con years ago, and I was dressed as Hit-Girl, so all you could see was my chin, and I got stopped within the first five minutes. I couldn’t believe it! I sort of have a distinctive mole, maybe that was it…